Joe Cairney, lead vocals with Comedy of Errors has been in the studio and has the pictures to prove it. The new Comedy of Errors album is due out early in 2013 and Joe is seen below working on "In a Lifetime", with Hew Montgomery "ably" assisting on the desk. Hew has the state of the art Pro Tools 10 and is using an SE Condenser microphone.

Joe on In a Lifetime
Hew at the controls
The Waveforms

Joe and Hew have been working on the vocals and hope to have 5 songs toward completion by this week. Once we have some rough versions, we'll post them here. Click on each photo to see it in full size.

New video snippets - Joe doing The Cause, Fanfare for the Broken Hearted and Going for a Song, all from the forthcoming album, Fanfare and Fantasy. Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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