About Comedy of Errors

A word (or two) from the Bard

COMEDY OF ERRORS formed nebulously in the wake of the neo prog revival, members coming from in and around the Glasgow area,Scotland. Not the most typical band of the prog scene at that time, their individual version of that genre did find a welcome among fans who were as fiercely loyal as their numbers were small. Dissatisfied with prevailing tastes of the times,the band became as bored with stupid simplicity as much as with contrived cleverness. Putting musical integrity ahead of commercial success, they would, at the time, still have sold their granny for a record deal.
Various line up changes followed as did the music in different guises in a desperate attempt to be loved. Despite manfully gigging throughout Scotland,their appeal in true Tap tradition became,as they say, more 'selective'. 'Don't alienate the public' they were advised......'Yeah,otherwise we'd end up like Dimitri in La Condition Humaine' clearly casting aside the fondness for obscure literary references,courtesy of Mr Steve Martin.
It was clear that the band's time had not yet come.Agonising over the order of songs on a set list to be performed on a wet Tuesday night to four guys and a dog ( you didn't let the dog in for nothing,did you?) eventually took its toll.Capturing the indifference of the wider public,the ERRORS fizzled out like most bands, in a blaze of vaguely unsatisfactory rehearsals. No,it was not yet their time.
One man however kept faith in the original concept,dropped out the prog scene completely,stayed in his room, kept writing new material and revising songs and waited......and waited.....His name I don't recall but that's not important right now. Suffice to say it was hoped that these mini-rock symphonies would, at some point in the future, see the light of day and find an appreciative audience. And so it was, thanks to those who kept faith in the music, the new incarnation of COMEDY OF ERRORS came to release their debut album ' DISOBEY ', a difficult birth, a long time in the making, but well worth the wait.

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